What Should You Know about 32 Meter Concrete Pump

Simply say, 32 meter concrete pump is used for conveying liquid concrete.

Concrete boom pump, according to the length of the boom, is often categorized into common pump, long pump, super long pump. Concrete pump with 32m boom is a kind of common pump, with flexible placing boom, not too large appearance, and relative lightweight structure.

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32 meter concrete mixer boom pump

Usually, this kind of concrete pump with small or medium boom length has 4 to 5 sections, which probably is z-shaped folding, rolling folding, or the combination of the above two.

Actually, to ensure the stable working performance, 32m concrete boom pump should be parked on flat ground with enough space to meet the operation of boom. Don’t forget to lift the truck chassis away the ground by hydraulic supporting frame before pumping.

32 meter boom concrete pump is a specialist in various construction projects, including bridge, highway, dam, high building, airport and other projects, which does especially well in projects at sites with overhead obstructions.

That is absolutely not the only advantage of 32 meter concrete pump.

High Efficiency is also the highlight of the concrete placing giant. With 32 meter boom, which can be operate by remote control from long distance, it can convey concrete to any target areas flexibly and swiftly. When conveying is done, the placing boom can be folded in a short time and transported to the next construction site. In this way, 32 meter concrete pump is efficient than common concrete conveying methods by 10% to 30%.

32 meter concrete pump actually is a combination of multiple function units, including concrete feeding, concrete mixing, concrete pumping, electric controlling, as well as transporting. With fully automatic design, it saves manpower and energy, which well bring more profits at last to investors.

Otherwise, 32 meter concrete pump is a saving model because of its closed pumping methods. It ensures less concrete and water consumption during pumping process.

Last, but not the least, the working performance of 32m concrete pump truck is not at all affected by weather conditions.

Certainly, the advantages of 32m concrete pump is not limited the above. Compared with the long and super long concrete pump, 32m concrete pump is more flexible and can be used in sites with limited space. While compared with other trailer concrete pump, it is faster and more efficient. Just for these, the versatile concrete pump is widely popular in concrete constructions.

application of 32m concrete boom pump

What makes it with so many advantages?

1.Hydraulic System
A stable and strong hydraulic system, is the basic of powerful and strongly pumping.

2.Electric Control System
If hydraulic system and the power system is the heart of the whole 32 meter concrete pump, the electric control system is the brain of the pump. It launch out every working order to make the whole system work stably, smoothly and efficiently.

3.Intelligently Controlled Pumping Boom
Intelligently controlled pumping boom is the versatile hand of the whole concrete conveying giant. It is the executive termination, whose accuracy and flexibility is the assurance of the high performance.

If you want to buy a 32m concrete pump, it is recommended to pay especially more attention to the main component. The brands, the produce location and the guarantee period are all the aspects you concern.

Certainly, make clear your actual need is the most important precondition.