What Need You Know about the Concrete Trailer Pump

With the rise of the construction industry, concrete has become one of the main structures in the construction industry, and occupies a large proportion in various engineering construction. Trailer pump is a kind of concrete delivery pump ( www.ltconcretepump.com. ), which is used for concrete delivery and pouring.

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Pros vs. Cons

First of all, the limitations of trailer pump ( ltconcretepump.com/concrete-trailer-pump/ ) are mainly reflected in the size and slump of concrete aggregate need to meet the pumping requirements. In addition, it is difficult for trailer pumps to pump dry and hard concrete. The construction can not be carried out when the temperature is very low.

Secondly, the practical value of the trailer pump: the degree of mechanization is improved, labor costs are reduced, and the continuity of the trailer pump construction ensures construction efficiency and saves cost. In addition, pumping concrete has strict requirements for the quality of pumping concrete. Pumping concrete is not easy to segregate, and the slump is not large, which can better ensure the quality of concrete and meet the requirements of engineering construction.

Finally, the trailer pump improves the safety of construction, and the operator can operate it through the remote control.If the concrete mixer tanker is difficult to reach rural area, the trailer pump can play the important role in rural area, where the concrete mixer can not reach. When two or more trailer pumps can be connected in series, the transportation distance is long.

Difference Between Trailer Pump, Truck Mounted Pump and Boom Pump Truck

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1.The trailer pump

The trailer pump needs to be towed by special device. The trailer pump is suitable for long-term work on a construction site. The trailer pump can transport concrete very high and very far, so the skyscrapers in the world are basically the contribution of the trailer pump.

2.Truck mounted line pump

Due to the action of towing the pump is unchanged, it needs to be towed, which is not conducive to the transfer, so there is a truck mounted pump. Because it is mounted on a trailer chassis, it is called a vehicle-mounted concrete pump. The truck-mounted pump has the advantages of quick transfer and large concrete displacement, and is suitable for construction sites with requirements for concrete delivery in a short time.

3.Boom Pump

The truck mounted line pump has good mobility, but it still needs to be connected to the pipeline like a trailer pump, which is very troublesome, and the construction preparation period is too long, so there is a boom pump truck. The pump truck is equipped with a boom, which can quickly realize the distribution and pumping functions without connecting pipes. Because the arm is in the air, it is also called the sky pump. The pump truck is a combination of mobility and convenience, with large displacement and low pumping pressure. Because of the limited length of the boom, it does not need too much pressure to complete its own pumping function, so the pump truck is very suitable for low-rise buildings and complex projects with particularly large volume requirements. …Read more