Tips on Choosing High Pressure Concrete Pump

At present, concrete pumping technology is widely used in the high building and major foundation projects. Especially in Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy and other developed countries, the high pressure concrete pump plays an important role in construction project.

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The concrete trailer pump is a construction equipment that transports concrete by pressure through the pipeline. It combines the production of ready-mixed concrete with the pumping construction. The ground pump can realize the continuous pumping and pouring of concrete. The concrete can be transported in horizontal or vertical along the pipeline. Concrete pump is divided into a variety of models. Different models are also different in function. How to choose the appropriate model of concrete pump?

Before buying

Consideration should be given to:

1.Type and structure of the building.
Before selecting a high-pressure concrete pump, we should consider the type and structure of the building, site conditions, construction technical requirements and the surrounding environment.

2. Concrete pouring requirements
It shall be comprehensively considered according to the concrete engineering object, characteristics, conveying distance, required conveying capacity, concrete construction plan, concrete pump type and specific conditions.

When selecting a high pressure concrete pump in the factory:

1.Look at the appearance: check the surface of the concrete pump to see if there is any crack, deformation of parts, water leakage and oil leakage.

2.Look at the running condition: each gear shall be carried out; the pump shall be stable, without obvious shaking.

3.Listen to the running sound: the small concrete pump is concerned about the sound in the whole process. The sharp or intermittent sound is abnormal, indicating that there is some obstruction in the machinery and equipment.

After the concrete pump is used, daily maintenance shall be carried out. Items to be checked before work:

The telltale for the work lights is operating correctly.

Sufficient fuel, grease and washing water are available.

The hydraulic oil is sufficient, and there is no oil leakage at all parts.

All kinds of piping, tools, appliances and accessories shall be complete.

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There is an inspection cycle for the main parts of the concrete pump in use.

1.Daily inspection: appearance damage and deformation, looseness of exposed parts, change of operation and performance, oil leakage, hose damage, and lack of lubricating grease at lubricating points.

2.Monthly inspection: the slide valve is damaged, the delivery pipe is worn, the hydraulic oil is reduced, and the lubrication point is forced to lubricate.

3.Semi-annual inspection: the lower shell of slide valve and conveying cylinder are damaged, the electrical components and hydraulic oil are deteriorated, and the boom is damaged.

4. Annual inspection: mixing device, mixing oil motor, rotary oil motor, water pump, each oil pump, and replacement of hydraulic oil.