Factors Affecting Price Of Towable Concrete Pump For Sale

Towable concrete pump for sale is one of the common equipment in water conservancy, housing construction, tunnel, slope protection, bridge and other construction sites. A small mixing pump can bring great profits to the project, and many new projects want to buy it A small mixing pump, but the price of small mixing pumps in the market fluctuates, which is a big expense. The price of small mixing pumps on the market fluctuates. Today LUTON GROUP https://ltconcretepump .com/ will share with you what are the factors that affect the price of small mixing pumps.

30m3 concrete trailer pump

1. The price fluctuates

If it is a brand new small mixing pump, the price will be high, because the latest accessories are used, so the price will be slightly higher than other second-hand or refurbished small mixing pumps.

2. The price of spare parts in the industry fluctuates

Small stirring pump trailer are assembled from various spare parts. If the price of spare parts rises, the price of the corresponding small stirring pumps will also have a great impact.

3. Consumer reputation

If a manufacturer of small towable pumps has a good reputation among users, and the equipment is very durable and does not fail frequently, this manufacturer will become the choice of most people. Small mixing and drag pumps with a relatively low failure rate are also the choice of many people.

4. Power version

The version of the small mixing pump is different, the configuration is also different, and the price is also different. The industry rule is that the motor-powered small mixing pump is generally cheaper than the diesel-powered small mixing pump.

5. After-sale maintenance service

The factors that affect the price of small mixing trailer pumps are whether the after-sales maintenance service is sound. If a small mixing trailer pump manufacturer does not have an after-sales service team, then the price of his small mixing trailer pump will be lower than that with after-sales maintenance services, because the after-sales service team needs A lot of human and material investment.

Two Main Types of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Generally, the preparation of asphalt mixtures is like baking cakes. The contractor needs to ensure that he has the correct formula and proper ingredients, and mixes all ingredients in the correct proportion, and then “bakes” the mixture to produce a beautiful and uniform final product that everyone is satisfied with – when used correctly on the road, the performance of the mixture will meet the expectations. There are mainly two basic types of asphalt mixing plant: batch type asphalt mix plant and drum type asphalt mix plant. For more information on asphalt, click here.

Batch Asphalt Mix Plant VS Drum Asphalt Mix Plant

Batch Plant

The batch asphalt plant will produce asphalt mixture with small quantity and high quality in batches through a cycle and repeated process until the required supply of the project is completed.



The process of production can be controlled according to specific construction requirements.

Due to the accurate weighing of each batch of products, the intermittent asphalt station can produce high-quality finished materials.

Due to the intermittent production process, the factory operator can easily adjust the proportion of different components according to the construction requirements of specific projects to produce finished materials that meet different needs.

Drum Plant

The drum type plant produces asphalt mixture through continuous process.



The production process is continuous because the aggregate and liquid asphalt flow continuously into the drying / mixing chamber.

Based on how the aggregate flows with hot air, there are several different types of drum asphalt mixing plants: parallel drum asphalt mixing plant, counter flow drum asphalt mixing plant and double drum asphalt mixing plant. Regardless of the configuration, it is a continuous process that can produce an even asphalt mixture and can be produced at high speed (sometimes up to 600-800 tons per hour).


Both batch asphalt plant and drum asphalt plant have the following components: cold feed container, liquid asphalt storage tanks, drying chamber, dust collector, storage silos.


Aggregate and asphalt (liquid asphalt) are metered into the final mixture in different ways in batch asphalt plant and drum asphalt plant. In the intermittent asphalt plant, the aggregate and asphalt binder are weighed by the load cell to ensure accuracy. In drum asphalt plant, flow meters and calibrated feed belts are used to measure the liquid and aggregate composition entering the mixing chamber. Since drying and mixing are carried out in the same rotary drum, it is necessary to regularly monitor the moisture content of the aggregate pile, which is essential to produce high-quality finished products.

Another difference is that the way of producing finished asphalt mixture is different. Batch asphalt mixing plant, as the name implies, produces asphalt finished materials in batches. There is a short interval after each batch is completed. The batch asphalt plant has primary metering and secondary metering, which makes the asphalt mixture have a high proportion and the finished products produced have excellent quality. The aggregate is only measured once in the whole production process of the drum type asphalt plant. The production process is continuous and the productivity is high, but the quality of the finished material produced is not very high.



Difference Between Bitumen Hot Mix Plant And Cold Mix Plant


Asphalt concrete is a concrete plate formed by mixing various specifications of aggregate (sand, stone), binder (asphalt or residue) and filler (mineral powder) in a certain proportion to form an asphalt mixture. The mechanical equipment used for mixing asphalt mixture is called asphalt concrete mixing equipment – bitumen hot mix plant. It is the necessary equipment for building expressways, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and ports. There are various types of asphalt mixing plant, click here to learn more information.

The cold mix asphalt plant describes the asphalt mixture blended by unheated aggregate, mineral filler and also asphalt watered down. The cold asphalt mixture is a modern roadway maintenance service material, which can be utilized all day. It appropriates for repairing various road pavement surface areas under any environment, such as asphalt concrete roadway, car park, airport runway and also bridges growth joint.

cold mix asphalt

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant VS Cold Mix Plant

Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

The heating and drying of aggregate is an indispensable process.
The laying of manufactured asphalt finished material needs to follow the temperature requirement, and it can only work in certain temperature.
Due to heating and drying of aggregate, the bitumen hot mix plant will produce some dust and black smoke in the process of manufacturing asphalt mixture, which causes some pollution to the environment through it’s equipped with the dust collector.
There are certain safety hazards in controlling and operating the hot mix asphalt plant because the increase of burner flame may cause aggregate combustion, which may injures workers.
The asphalt manufactured by bitumen hot mix plant may become aging because of the heating process of aggregates.

Cold Mix Plant

The cold mix plant don’t have the heating and drying process of aggregate.
The laying of manufactured cold asphalt finished material don’t need to follow the strict temperature limit, and it has strong adaptability due to the cold mix asphalt can adapt changeable climates.
The laying of manufactured cold asphalt finished material don’t need to follow the strict temperature limit, and it has strong adaptability due to the cold mix asphalt can adapt changeable climates.
Since it does not involve the heating of aggregates, the cold mix asphalt plant will not generate dust and black smoke during the whole production process, thus achieving zero emission. In addition, the produced cold mix asphalt mixture is insoluble in water and will not pollute the nearby water source. Therefore manufactured cold mix asphalt is environmental friendly.
There are no factors influencing safety because the cold mix asphalt plant does not involve drying and heating of aggregates.
There are no factors influencing safety because the cold mix asphalt plant does not involve drying and heating of aggregates.
Since the cold mix asphalt plant does not need to heat the aggregate, the whole production process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the cold mix asphalt can be produced without the approval of the environmental protection department.


Concrete Pump Trailer Offer For Sale or For Rental

Several designers are faced with such a choice: whether to lease or purchase a new concrete pump trailer? Which one is more economical? Got ta figure this out. The following will certainly assist you to do an evaluation.

If you have actually been putting concrete pump trailer into projects all the all year, or you are new to the concrete pouring industry, or you have gotten a big quantity of jobs, of course, it is much better to have your very own equipment.

concrete mixer truck with a pump on site

Some people choose to rent. Although you pay the tenant a percentage each time, it is a significant number for many years, a minimum of a lot more than the rate of one or two machines, which is not rewarding.

Like acquiring a residence as well as renting out a residence, if you want to live for a very long time, of course, it is much better to have a home of your very own. And you have a sense of security. Despite how excellent the hotel is, it is not your residence. Some people choose to rent out, just because they really feel that the rental cost of each time is less than the cost of purchasing a brand-new one. This is only a short-term phenomenon.

There are also some people that feel that getting a concrete trailer pump needs maintenance, as well as it is much better to rent out one.

A specialist concrete pumping machinery business with great after-sales solution can not just solve the troubles in your everyday maintenance, yet also supply extensive assistance and technological training for the procedure, repair and maintenance of the machinery.

Right here is a suggested brand, LUTON Concrete Pump. (Click here to know more about the products.)

LUTON Equipment has actually constantly been well-known in the after-sales field, and also is committed to creating the image of “the first brand name of service”.

And also for designers, acquiring a cement pump trailer is convenient for personal use as well as can additionally pick to lease, the best of both globes. Now under the conditions that the accelerating speed of urbanization, the broadening market, a concrete pump equipment can be made use of in the building and construction of houses, slope defense, bridges, etc. Buying a concrete mixing pump trailer is actually high reliable.

Obviously, if you have a small amount of construction concrete work, and you do not do concrete job all the year round, it’s still cost-efficient to lease.

Generally, renting or buying requires a comprehensive evaluation of certain issues. And an infinite scale in your heart is to make the most of financial benefits.

What Need You Know about the Concrete Trailer Pump

With the rise of the construction industry, concrete has become one of the main structures in the construction industry, and occupies a large proportion in various engineering construction. Trailer pump is a kind of concrete delivery pump ( www.ltconcretepump.com. ), which is used for concrete delivery and pouring.

luton line pump

Pros vs. Cons

First of all, the limitations of trailer pump ( ltconcretepump.com/concrete-trailer-pump/ ) are mainly reflected in the size and slump of concrete aggregate need to meet the pumping requirements. In addition, it is difficult for trailer pumps to pump dry and hard concrete. The construction can not be carried out when the temperature is very low.

Secondly, the practical value of the trailer pump: the degree of mechanization is improved, labor costs are reduced, and the continuity of the trailer pump construction ensures construction efficiency and saves cost. In addition, pumping concrete has strict requirements for the quality of pumping concrete. Pumping concrete is not easy to segregate, and the slump is not large, which can better ensure the quality of concrete and meet the requirements of engineering construction.

Finally, the trailer pump improves the safety of construction, and the operator can operate it through the remote control.If the concrete mixer tanker is difficult to reach rural area, the trailer pump can play the important role in rural area, where the concrete mixer can not reach. When two or more trailer pumps can be connected in series, the transportation distance is long.

Difference Between Trailer Pump, Truck Mounted Pump and Boom Pump Truck

concrete pump trailer

1.The trailer pump

The trailer pump needs to be towed by special device. The trailer pump is suitable for long-term work on a construction site. The trailer pump can transport concrete very high and very far, so the skyscrapers in the world are basically the contribution of the trailer pump.

2.Truck mounted line pump

Due to the action of towing the pump is unchanged, it needs to be towed, which is not conducive to the transfer, so there is a truck mounted pump. Because it is mounted on a trailer chassis, it is called a vehicle-mounted concrete pump. The truck-mounted pump has the advantages of quick transfer and large concrete displacement, and is suitable for construction sites with requirements for concrete delivery in a short time.

3.Boom Pump

The truck mounted line pump has good mobility, but it still needs to be connected to the pipeline like a trailer pump, which is very troublesome, and the construction preparation period is too long, so there is a boom pump truck. The pump truck is equipped with a boom, which can quickly realize the distribution and pumping functions without connecting pipes. Because the arm is in the air, it is also called the sky pump. The pump truck is a combination of mobility and convenience, with large displacement and low pumping pressure. Because of the limited length of the boom, it does not need too much pressure to complete its own pumping function, so the pump truck is very suitable for low-rise buildings and complex projects with particularly large volume requirements. …Read more

What Should You Know about 32 Meter Concrete Pump

Simply say, 32 meter concrete pump is used for conveying liquid concrete.

Concrete boom pump, according to the length of the boom, is often categorized into common pump, long pump, super long pump. Concrete pump with 32m boom is a kind of common pump, with flexible placing boom, not too large appearance, and relative lightweight structure.

Click here to get more types of concrete pumps.

32 meter concrete mixer boom pump

Usually, this kind of concrete pump with small or medium boom length has 4 to 5 sections, which probably is z-shaped folding, rolling folding, or the combination of the above two.

Actually, to ensure the stable working performance, 32m concrete boom pump should be parked on flat ground with enough space to meet the operation of boom. Don’t forget to lift the truck chassis away the ground by hydraulic supporting frame before pumping.

32 meter boom concrete pump is a specialist in various construction projects, including bridge, highway, dam, high building, airport and other projects, which does especially well in projects at sites with overhead obstructions.

That is absolutely not the only advantage of 32 meter concrete pump.

High Efficiency is also the highlight of the concrete placing giant. With 32 meter boom, which can be operate by remote control from long distance, it can convey concrete to any target areas flexibly and swiftly. When conveying is done, the placing boom can be folded in a short time and transported to the next construction site. In this way, 32 meter concrete pump is efficient than common concrete conveying methods by 10% to 30%.

32 meter concrete pump actually is a combination of multiple function units, including concrete feeding, concrete mixing, concrete pumping, electric controlling, as well as transporting. With fully automatic design, it saves manpower and energy, which well bring more profits at last to investors.

Otherwise, 32 meter concrete pump is a saving model because of its closed pumping methods. It ensures less concrete and water consumption during pumping process.

Last, but not the least, the working performance of 32m concrete pump truck is not at all affected by weather conditions.

Certainly, the advantages of 32m concrete pump is not limited the above. Compared with the long and super long concrete pump, 32m concrete pump is more flexible and can be used in sites with limited space. While compared with other trailer concrete pump, it is faster and more efficient. Just for these, the versatile concrete pump is widely popular in concrete constructions.

application of 32m concrete boom pump

What makes it with so many advantages?

1.Hydraulic System
A stable and strong hydraulic system, is the basic of powerful and strongly pumping.

2.Electric Control System
If hydraulic system and the power system is the heart of the whole 32 meter concrete pump, the electric control system is the brain of the pump. It launch out every working order to make the whole system work stably, smoothly and efficiently.

3.Intelligently Controlled Pumping Boom
Intelligently controlled pumping boom is the versatile hand of the whole concrete conveying giant. It is the executive termination, whose accuracy and flexibility is the assurance of the high performance.

If you want to buy a 32m concrete pump, it is recommended to pay especially more attention to the main component. The brands, the produce location and the guarantee period are all the aspects you concern.

Certainly, make clear your actual need is the most important precondition.

Tips on Choosing High Pressure Concrete Pump

At present, concrete pumping technology is widely used in the high building and major foundation projects. Especially in Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy and other developed countries, the high pressure concrete pump plays an important role in construction project.

luton line pump

The concrete trailer pump is a construction equipment that transports concrete by pressure through the pipeline. It combines the production of ready-mixed concrete with the pumping construction. The ground pump can realize the continuous pumping and pouring of concrete. The concrete can be transported in horizontal or vertical along the pipeline. Concrete pump is divided into a variety of models. Different models are also different in function. How to choose the appropriate model of concrete pump?

Before buying

Consideration should be given to:

1.Type and structure of the building.
Before selecting a high-pressure concrete pump, we should consider the type and structure of the building, site conditions, construction technical requirements and the surrounding environment.

2. Concrete pouring requirements
It shall be comprehensively considered according to the concrete engineering object, characteristics, conveying distance, required conveying capacity, concrete construction plan, concrete pump type and specific conditions.

When selecting a high pressure concrete pump in the factory:

1.Look at the appearance: check the surface of the concrete pump to see if there is any crack, deformation of parts, water leakage and oil leakage.

2.Look at the running condition: each gear shall be carried out; the pump shall be stable, without obvious shaking.

3.Listen to the running sound: the small concrete pump is concerned about the sound in the whole process. The sharp or intermittent sound is abnormal, indicating that there is some obstruction in the machinery and equipment.

After the concrete pump is used, daily maintenance shall be carried out. Items to be checked before work:

The telltale for the work lights is operating correctly.

Sufficient fuel, grease and washing water are available.

The hydraulic oil is sufficient, and there is no oil leakage at all parts.

All kinds of piping, tools, appliances and accessories shall be complete.

ground concrete line pump

There is an inspection cycle for the main parts of the concrete pump in use.

1.Daily inspection: appearance damage and deformation, looseness of exposed parts, change of operation and performance, oil leakage, hose damage, and lack of lubricating grease at lubricating points.

2.Monthly inspection: the slide valve is damaged, the delivery pipe is worn, the hydraulic oil is reduced, and the lubrication point is forced to lubricate.

3.Semi-annual inspection: the lower shell of slide valve and conveying cylinder are damaged, the electrical components and hydraulic oil are deteriorated, and the boom is damaged.

4. Annual inspection: mixing device, mixing oil motor, rotary oil motor, water pump, each oil pump, and replacement of hydraulic oil.

Benefits of Investing in a Mini Concrete Pump for Sale

With the development of society, the previous manual work is now replaced by machinery. The replacement of machinery (ltconcretepump.com) not only reduces people’s work intensity, but also improves people’s work efficiency. Just like the use of a mini concrete pump for sale brings a lot of convenience to people. A mini concrete pump for sale is a kind of mechanical equipment adopted by many construction parties. Because of its small volume, small floor area and large conveying capacity, it can easily cope with various operating environments. It has played an active role in railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, mine operation, geological foundation, as well as the construction of new villages and towns. Therefore it is deeply welcomed by the majority of construction sites. So what are the advantages of a mini concrete pump for sale? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Read on to learn more about the benefits of investing in a mini concrete pump for sale.

Fast Pumping Speed

A mini concrete pump for sale has a very fast pumping speed. The piston is used for pumping and the hydraulic system is used for controlling. The pumping and pouring of the concrete is completed by machinery, which can save a lot of time and workers’ feeding time.

Optimized Configuration

The configuration of the mini concrete pump for sale is more optimized, and the imported hydraulic parts and electrical components are selected to greatly improve the stability of the equipment. In addition, the unique distribution oil circuit buffer technology ensures the normal operation of S pipe and effectively prolongs the service life of S pipe.

Small Power

The use power of the mini pump for sale is very small, and it only needs to be equipped with a small generator to work without power supply. Thus it is suitable to be applicable to rural construction.

Competence in narrow and rough road conditions

It belongs to a small concrete pump in China and is the optimum choice for many narrow construction environments such as rural suburbs and remote mountainous areas.

Strong Mobility

The mini concrete pump for sale is light and convenient to move, which is suitable for frequent site transition among multiple construction projects.

Saving Time and Promoting Efficiency

The traditional construction task is heavy, and it is a difficult and time-consuming task to transport the concrete to the floor by manpower. The mini concrete pump for sale saves a lot of labor costs and shortens the construction period.

30m3 concrete trailer pump

If you are considering investing in a mini concrete pump for sale, it is a right choice. The small concrete pump has low price and short cost recovery period. It is suitable for renting. In a word, investing in a mini concrete pump for sale is wise.