Factors Affecting Price Of Towable Concrete Pump For Sale

Towable concrete pump for sale is one of the common equipment in water conservancy, housing construction, tunnel, slope protection, bridge and other construction sites. A small mixing pump can bring great profits to the project, and many new projects want to buy it A small mixing pump, but the price of small mixing pumps in the market fluctuates, which is a big expense. The price of small mixing pumps on the market fluctuates. Today LUTON GROUP https://ltconcretepump .com/ will share with you what are the factors that affect the price of small mixing pumps.

30m3 concrete trailer pump

1. The price fluctuates

If it is a brand new small mixing pump, the price will be high, because the latest accessories are used, so the price will be slightly higher than other second-hand or refurbished small mixing pumps.

2. The price of spare parts in the industry fluctuates

Small stirring pump trailer are assembled from various spare parts. If the price of spare parts rises, the price of the corresponding small stirring pumps will also have a great impact.

3. Consumer reputation

If a manufacturer of small towable pumps has a good reputation among users, and the equipment is very durable and does not fail frequently, this manufacturer will become the choice of most people. Small mixing and drag pumps with a relatively low failure rate are also the choice of many people.

4. Power version

The version of the small mixing pump is different, the configuration is also different, and the price is also different. The industry rule is that the motor-powered small mixing pump is generally cheaper than the diesel-powered small mixing pump.

5. After-sale maintenance service

The factors that affect the price of small mixing trailer pumps are whether the after-sales maintenance service is sound. If a small mixing trailer pump manufacturer does not have an after-sales service team, then the price of his small mixing trailer pump will be lower than that with after-sales maintenance services, because the after-sales service team needs A lot of human and material investment.